Salt Water Systems


Salt Water Purification Systems use small amounts of salt that is dissolved into the water (becoming about half as salty as a human teardrop). The system's electrolytic cell is plumbed directly in-line with the spa or hot tub equipment. The power control unit is then wired to the electronic control pack so it purifies the water when the filtration pump is running. As the water flows through the electrolytic cell, electrolysis separates the saline into its basic components, sodium and chlorine or bromide (depending on the type of salt used). Chlorine or bromine gas is produced by this process and goes to work in the cell chamber to oxidize bacteria and purify the water. Following this process most of the chlorine or bromine and sodium re-bond and become natural salt again in a self perpetuating cycle. Only a small amount of salt needs to be added each time the spa or hot tub is re-filled, 3 or 4 times a year. Because the purifying takes place in the cell chamber (not in the water itself) you can use your spa or hot tub without worrying about what the sanitizing chemicals may do to your skin, or clothing.

With salt water elctrolosis sanitation you do not need to add any chlorine or bromine to your water. This differs from other methods as most require a small amount of sanitizer as a "residual" or ?bank?, (or equivalent thereof), to function properly whereas the Genesis sytem does not require this.

There are basically two types of units available - non-reverse polarity units and reverse polarity units. The unit we offer is of the reverse polarity type which reverses the electron flow through the cell causing mineral deposits to flake off so that these particles will then be filtered out in the filtration system. These cells do not require as much cleaning as there are less mineral deposits and it also has the side benefit of reducing the calcium content in the water. These generators can also help fight against waterline scum build-up and they create a better, healthier spa experience for most people. It also isn't necessary to handle or buy sanitizing chemicals like chlorine or bromine and your water maintenance is reduced to periodic testing and adjustment of pH as the sanitization is completely automatic.

Relatively easy to install for a qualified spa or hot tub technician the entire process can be completed in one day and your spa or hot tub will be up and running the following day. The control unit is normally installed in the surround of the spa or hot tub for easy access while the electrolosis unit itself is installed on the uptake or on the suction end of the pump depending on the configuration of the pipework. Once installed and running the amount of sanitizer genearated can be controlled by the dial on the control unit so that an adequate amount of sanitizer can be generated depending on how much use the spa or hot tub is getting. The cost of the unit on new and existing spas and hot tubs, including installation is...


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